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Frequentley Asked Questions

Do you offer phone/virtual readings?


Yes. I offer many different readings that can be done via telephone or video chat. Please contact me directly for information regarding these services and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Does the accuracy change if its by phone or video?


No. The accuracy of the readings do not differ whether the session is done in person, video chat, phone call or e-mail.

What type of payments do you accept?


I accept cash, venmo, cash app, Paypal and also credit/debit cards.

How long is the duration of your readings?


It depends on the type of reading that you choose, all readings vary in duration. They can range anywhere from as short as 15 minutes to over 60 minutes, sometimes longer.

What can I expect from a reading?


Honesty, I am a very straight forward person. Whatever it is that the reading shows, I do not hold anything back - good or bad. All my readings are private & confidential, what is discussed will stay between us. I want my clients to feel free and comfortable to speak about anything that might be causing them distress so that I may be able to guide and direct them onto a better path in life.

Am I allowed to record or tape the session?


I do not allow any recording or taping during the sessions. Please feel free to bring a pen/pencil & paper, to write down anything you would like to. However at the end of the session we usually do a recap just to make sure you have fully understood everything during the reading that was performed. 

Should I bring any photos or questions?


You can definitely bring along any photos you may want to read into during the session. If they are in your phone or tablet, please make sure they're easy to view. Also please feel free to write down your list of questions & bring them in for your appointment if you choose to. We will go over all questions & recap towards the end of the session.

For any other question that is not listed above, please feel free to contact by phone or e-mail and I will be glad to assist you in anyway possible. 

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