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Psychic Full Life Reading
30-60 minutes - $80

A full life can help gain insight, clarity, and achieve greater control over issues involving relationships, life changes, work and career, health, spirituality, dreams, and family. Receive a full life reading by Arielle, and discover both the positive and negative influences affecting your life, learn how to overcome current and future obstacles, and receive spiritual guidance in making important life decisions. By understanding your current situation, you can receive guidance to choose the best path forward, allowing you to create your absolute best future. 


Relationship Reading
30-45 minutes - $60

You may want to know more about the dynamic between you and your spouse or partner. You may have questions about family members or friends. When I tune into their energy, I can tell you what their emotions are like, how they are feeling about a situation or person.​ You may want to know this so you can help the person, or make better decisions for yourself or the relationship. It can help you to better understand the other person. Sometimes you might have trouble letting go of an old relationship or understanding why it ended the way it did. It may help you to find closure when reading their energy and tuning into the purpose of the relationship on a higher spiritual level.

Career Reading
15-25 minutes - $45

Curious about the direction of your career? You may be wondering what your next steps can be. Arielle connects to the spirits to feel what they suggest so you don’t miss out on opportunities, or look at different career options and how the energy of each career idea suits you. You can ask anything you like about your finances and money. These days, many people worry about their debt and whether they may have enough. You may want to know how to attract more abundance. Knowing what’s likely to happen means that you can start making better decisions now so that your future changes.

Past Life / Karmic Reading

This reading can offer insights into your personality trait, preferences, skills and challenges. Exploring your past lives may help you better understand yourself, your patterns, and the underlying reasons behind certain behaviors or fears. This self-awareness can contribute to personal growth and development.

Reiki Sessions
$175 per session

Reiki is known for assisting you as a whole – from your physical body to your spirit. Many people find it very relaxing and often feel lighter after a session. Arielle can work on balancing your energy, clearing stagnated areas, infusing you with Universal life energy.

Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing is a holistic practice that aims to restore the harmonious flow of energy within the body's energy centers, known as chakras. Some potential benefits include enhanced physical well-being, emotional balance, mental clarity, heightened spiritual connection, increased energy & vitality, stress relief and relaxation & improved relationships. 

Spiritual Cleanse
Please inquire for pricing

Spiritual healing is a practice that involves addressing imbalances or disturbances at the spiritual level, with the aim of promoting well-being and harmony. Arielle considers her spiritual healing

a powerful journey together. During this period of time, you will guided on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on what her recommendations are, that typically involves techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, energy healing, sound healing, rituals and ceremonies & crystal energy work. This journey is a deeply personal and transformative process of self discovery, growth and exploration of one's spirituality. 

Custom meditation services

Do you need help understanding what healing is best for you? Arielle offers a customized meditation service that works as a deeper reading to figure out which one of her services you can best benefit from depending on what you are interested in achieving or the type of spiritual situation your experiencing. 

Virtual Sessions

Phone Readings Price :
15 Minutes - $25
30 Minutes - $50
45 Minutes - $65
1 Hour - $80
Email Reading -  $30

3 Card Pull
 - $10

5 Question Reading w/ Explantation - $15


Sometimes we all feel disconnected & uncentered. Finding it hard to balance in different areas of life, focus on work and sometimes even unable to give yourself completely to loved ones due to an imbalance in energy. There are times in our lives, where we may become confused & boggled with our path's. Feeling unable to make the right decisions - unable to move forward. With a spiritual healing, we can figure out what may be happening  emotionally, mentally & spiritually - to better help understand the challenges & move forward. We all need some re-tuning at some point in our life. Through Arielle's spiritual work, she can focus on each of the chakra's one by one & figure out what may be happening on an emotional and spiritual level - going beyond the physical way of healing & focusing to heal within the core. Helping every step of the way, explaining the best way that she can - so that you also can learn how to re-balance yourself. 

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