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Arielle is a natural psychic reader and energy worker. Tarot reader, clairvoyant and spiritual healer. She gives Psychic Readings at her Upper West Side in person, email, video chat and by phone. She is a third generation Psychic and spiritual intercessor. She gives advice on all matters, but Love and Relationships are her special interest. She has been helping people find lives of love, success, peace, and happiness for more than a decade.


It’s her goal to make sure that her gift is a positive force in this world. Arielle believes that along with her special ability, comes accountability and the obligation to do her very best for all who seek her help. That’s why she has dedicated her life to helping others with her psychic gift. Arielle never imposes her personal spiritual beliefs on others but she has a strong faith in God and considers her special ability a gift from the divine. 

With Arielle, you will get caring, reliable and confidential advice and specific direction to your best possible future.

Arielle has mastered many spiritual steps and made many skeptics true believers from her psychic readings and spiritual work. Her clients have personally witnessed and experienced the psychic gifts and spiritual work that she has been blessed with. As a faithful practitioner, believing in the power of prayer, with discipline and devotion, she uses prayer and meditation to gain insight and access information about your life. Taking the time to pray and meditate with you to help you realize your dreams and unravel your hearts desires. Arielle will help you discover how to replace negative energies with positive.


Specializing in matters of the heart & having amazingly accurate insight into relationships and love. Understanding people well, and the romantic relationship is the hardest one we have to manage in this life. That being said, Arielle can give you information about your past, current and future love prospects. She can give you advice about how to handle the most delicate situations. This advice Arielle gives is real advice that can give you the answers that you seek. She can let you know if your love situation is one that can be salvaged, and will give you advice and tools to work on the situation in a caring and loving manner. Arielle can guide you to rekindle love that is on unstable ground, and help you to create harmony in your life.

Make an appointment today to experience Arielle's one of a kind God-given gift. Do not confuse her with others. Considering herself not only a psychic,  but a life consultant. Offering advice on all life's difficulties: love, family, career, money, restoring passion and desire, as well as sexual and emotional problems. Arielle believes that everyone deserves to find peace, happiness, and love in their lives. Every person is unique and depending on what a person needs can determine what type of reading would work best for them. Offering services such as palm readings, tarot card readings, aura readings, customized love and relationship readings & more. Balancing Chakras, offering guided meditation, love therapy, astrology charts, spiritual cleansings and life coaching. Caring guidance that will help you to achieve your goals and make your life all it can be. With a psychic reading from Arielle, you will get the information you need – powerful, direct, and enlightening.

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