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There are many Psychics to choose from, but one session with Arielle and you can see why she is considered the best. Arielle has a gifted ability that can help people lead happy and productive lives by removing the negativity that surrounds them.

She uses her psychic abilities to guide you to a brighter future, filled with love and prosperity, the way your life was intended to be.​

Did a soul-mate reading, and found out a lot of information i needed to know. I was able to make the right decisions after meeting and my life is really getting back on track. I recommend, if you are struggling with any kind of relationship problem and need some clarity - Mary L from YP

Arielle offers great prices with excellent service, she is kind/sweet.. has a soft voice when reading and she really explains each and everything so that you really understand what is going on. She's very straight forward, I recommend getting a full-life reading. It was just so in-depth, and she really takes her time in the reading also.. the most recent best hour and a half that I've had in a long time. Thank you,see you again soon! - VJ From Google

I have been searching for answers almost my entire life whether it was from a therapist, psychiatrist or psychic. many of the psychics in NYC you have to be aware of but right off the bat I felt so comfortable arielle sounds and looks like a true Angel! This girl is blessed and talented. Amazing. Thank you for everything you've done in my life. :) - Joel J From YP

I delayed writing this review because I wanted to confirm my readings and that took time to play out. I have met with arielle twice in person and had a phone reading once. My first time meeting arielle was back in March 2013. I was skeptical at first and on guard. However, everything she was saying was so accurate I was taken by surprise. I was so emotional and bawling like a baby. I was able to alter a couple of bad predictions since I had a heads up. My phone reading was in Nov 2013 and the reading once again was spot on and I was able to stop something from occurring. This past month I have been extremely uneasy about a few things so I booked with her hoping to get to see her ASAP. My good luck she had an opening and I was able to meet her this past Tuesday night. I didn't have to say much about the situations because she filled it all in for me and had the answers to guide me and keep me on guard to avoid mishaps. She knows details that can't be made up or guessed. She is an amazing psychic and has lifted the weight off my soul. But most importantly she is an amazing person. Her aura and her beauty is captivating. She has gone way past the time allotted all three times and kept the reading going until she felt done. That shows good character, don't you think? She's very different from other psychics in manhattan, She's not just sitting behind a crystal ball waiting for customers to walk in a store front. - Layla M from YP

My reading has been and will continue to be such a timely, amazing help to me along my journey. I look forward to each and every session. The sensitivity this woman has is a divine gift, and she is really in touch. I felt only a powerful loving, protective, harmonizing energy coming through, able to address exactly what needed addressing. The suggestions for strengthening my focus as well as the accuracy in describing and dealing with current issues and challenges in my life were grounded and holistic. If you want to put your energy where it will count, consult with her! You will not be disappointed! - Raphael J from YP

Arielle is great, amazing and kind! At first I was a little apprehensive because I was unsure of what to expect, but when I finally meet her she was soft spoken and very truthful in her reading. There was no sugar coating in her reading. If she was going to say something that she thought you didn't want to hear she would prefix with a calming statement to prepare you. My reading was a little over a week ago and I'm looking forward for my fate to set its course. I'm happy to say that she truly gave me the confidence and tools to move forward. I recommend arielle for your reading and I will totally be going back. - Jennifer V from YP

I was just in the area and wanted to try something different I never really go to psychics I'm very skeptical but came across her website and seemed interesting, I made an appointment and fortunately she was able to see me within the hour. She was great very kind she has a gentle tone in her voice it's very calming I walked in just really for entertainment but walked out actually feeling really good about a lot of things and I really feel things will go the way they were predicted. Thank you I will come again - June L from YP

Arielle is amazing! I saw her once for a reading, it was a great experience. So far, everything she predicted happened this summer, it is incredible! I am still thinking about what she told me and I have to admit that it helps me a lot with my everyday's decisions. She has great advices to help you get rid of the bad energies and focus on happiness. Arielle is definitely the person to see if you need help finding some answers about yourself and your life! I will definitely go back to see her very soon. Thank you! - Delores S from YP

The listed reviews are just some of the great feedback that dedicated clients have left.

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