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What REALLY is a Spiritual Cleansing?

Many people these days ask this question because they've been to quite a few different healers, spiritual practitioners, psychics - only to keep hearing one vague explanation as to why they are not where they want to be in life and that is because of "negative energy"

In life, I believe firmly in only good & bad, positive & negative - so I do not have an issue with anyone using that spiritual diagnosis, as it truly does exist. Where my issue lies, is within the fact of how unprofessional and non-detailed some psychics can be while using this term. To me, it is something that is CRUCIAL to detail the how's, where's & why's of the diagnosis and what exactly should be done to help remove those energies - such as a detailed plan of what type of cleansing methods, healing techniques, spiritual treatment or spiritual equipment may need to be used. Everyone's process is going to be different, everyone's issues will be different. I do not believe that there is any "one size fits all type of cleansing" - even when it comes to Chakra Balancing or Reiki, there must be a starting point and an understanding as to why those blockages are there. A genuine spiritual cleanse should be tailored to your situation & needs. I will say, that at any point during a person's spiritual journey, things are obviously subject to change, we want them to! Your starting a process with intentions of growing, moving forward & making progress in your life. We want things to change, however depending on the issues or severity of your spiritual diagnosis - there could also be some challenges you face along the way, and that's okay as well! It's all part of the growth phase. Similar to going for a visit at the doctor when your unwell, you know your not feeling good but you do not know exactly what medication or remedies may help you - your doctor will prescribe or recommend specific treatment that fits your diagnosis, sometimes during the course of the treatment you may need to strengthen or weaken your dosages. With a spiritual cleansing, this may happen as well in regards to adjusting the way as you go - but the most important part is that there is a proper plan set with goals and priorities as the spiritual work takes place.

If you've tried other cleansing treatment but your still searching, it means that your spirit remains on the hunt for receiving authentic guidance & help. Don't let fear, pride or embarrassment hold you back. There are true genuine healers out here that do want to help!

Love & light to all who reads this post & I pray that it helps you move forward on your path.


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